I am a girl who lives in Brooklyn. I’ve been exploring interests in canning, homebrewing, liqueur-making, cooking, fermentation, cheesemaking and general DIY-ing for some time now. These things make me very happy. This blog is for documenting some of these projects.


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  1. i just discovered your blog. it’s delightful. i also really am madly in LOVE with that brooklyn embroidery piece. that is adorable. what great cute stitching and script. what talent. what a friend your british gal is. wow.

    so i need to know, where can i get mason jars?

    • Thanks, Lisa. If you are not lucky enough to live near a dollar store that carries jars (I did once, in Queens), I like the following places:

      Fishs Eddy – In Manhattan, but I love this store, and they sell jars all year, either one by one or by the box, and their prices are reasonable.

      The Brooklyn Kitchen – Excellent kitchen store in Williamsburg area. They sell all things canning related, and they have all kinds of classes, too, on jar-related activities (e.g., pickling, canning, kombucha).

      A Cook’s Companion – This store has beautiful things, including beautiful jars (yes, I really do think Quattro Stagioni jars are beautiful), but they are not cheap.

      Depending on your neighborhood, there may be other places closer to you — definitely check out your local hardware store and grocery before making a trip elsewhere. Good luck!

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