Happy Birthday, Little Blog

SMS visitors, please note that the giveaway is the next post down…

It seems it’s been a year since I set to blathering about the greenmarket, little pieces of nature here in the city, things that heal my heart nestled in between the brick and mortar and concrete of this city.

Since that time, I’ve watched a lot of things I love about the city continue to blossom, and the title of this blog has felt like more of a misnomer as farming, DIY-ing, canning, fermentation, and similar activities have continued to tear along the path of returning to city life, folding into Brooklyn more and more, becoming truly urban pursuits. I still pine for big old open roads, for trees towering higher than buildings, but, a year on, I’m still so happy to be here on my block of brownstones, doing things I love to do, sharing them on this blog.

To celebrate the blog’s first birthday, please scroll down to yesterday’s Giveaway post to win a little something from me.

Or just enjoy these snapshots, taken on a recent Brooklyn stroll. These are some of the aforementioned heart-healing snippets, the bits of blue sky or gray, the green expanses that help the city breathe and me along with it.

Ha — in the last year, I have also stopped making Shawn take pictures of projects and have become handy with the camera myself, slightly obsessed.

3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Little Blog

  1. Happy 1st Blogaversary!!

  2. …And what a year it’s been! I love reading your blog.

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