Sweet Bridges of My Heart

I had not forgotten exactly, it’s just that I did not have recent cause to remember how very thoughtful and adorable and sweetly detail-oriented my friend Ellie is until she and her wonderful husband visited from England last week. She asked if I wanted “anything in particular from Blighty.” I requested some dark chocolate digestive biscuits and some Marmite. She obliged (though she made her man handle the Marmite, hater that she is).

She did not, however ask if I wanted to be showered with a number of small gifts that bordered on embarrassing, perfectly arranged, perfectly English, perfectly Ellie. No, those she brought without permission. Chutney and marmalade and chocolate, separate vintage tins of goodies for Shawn and me, special little whiskeys for him, jewelry and buttons and a Union Jack pin cushion for me. And more. Seriously, this girl’s thoughtfulness and perfectionist aesthetic are out of control.


Presents! Some things were missing by the time I took a photo. Chocolate...

Goodie tins! Some things were missing by the time I took photos. Chocolate, for instance...mmm...


Just when I thought that I’d been given all gifts, after I’d thanked my friend and hugged her and said that it was really too much, she presented me with these:


Embroidery hoops will look even better on my living room wall.

Embroidery hoops will look even better on my living room wall.

Two bridges I have walked across and deeply loved, one traversed years ago with my sweet Ellie at various hours of day and night in various states of mind, the other far better known around these parts, also crossed day and night, filling my heart up each and every time. She posted on her own blog a while back that she had an interest in embroidery hoops (which made me think at the time of a friend’s old apartment, shared with a roommate who worked for a fabric company, their walls beautifully decked out in hoops of pretty prints), and I am so pleased that she chose to stitch these up for me.

Hand-stitched bridges from a faraway friend. What could be more perfect?


One response to “Sweet Bridges of My Heart

  1. awwwwwww, so lovely!

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